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What If?

I have actually been sitting on this idea, this post, for almost a year, maybe more. But I think now is the time.

I had this thought one day. How many people do you know truly and honestly have someone in their life that has lifted them up in prayer on any particular day? My guess is very few. I think we are very good at saying “I’m praying for you” when someone is going through a difficult time but what about just a normal day? Normal days that include being exhausted from work, emotionally drained from dealing with kids, losing heart or faith over a trial that has lasted too long. Is anyone praying for you on those normal days? What about your friends? Do you think anyone has lifted them and their family up in prayer today?

What if we took it upon ourselves to be the one to pray for them?

What if we wrote down as many friends and acquaintances as we know and went down the list praying for one of them every day of the year, every day of THIS YEAR. Every day a new person on your list?

There's not enough time in one day to literally pray for everyone you know but surely we have enough time to pray for one friend, one person a day!

But that’s not enough is it?

It’s not enough to pray for someone.

Part of the challenge is to TELL THEM you’ve prayed for them today. Private message that person, call or text them to say "Hey, you've been on my mind today and I wanted to let you know I'm praying for you!" Can you imagine the impact that would make on the world around you, on your sphere of influence?

I have come to firmly believe that God has brought every person you know into your life for a reason. Can you just think of what praying for them could do? What God could use you to accomplish? How they might feel knowing that someone out there has brought their name before God Almighty?

I challenge Lets start tomorrow, a New Year, a New Decade in prayer for our friends. Let’s lift them up and see what God does! I’m believing God to do something amazing in the life of my friends this year. Will you join me?

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