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Follow the Instructions

I was reading today in Exodus. I’d already come through the part where Moses and Pharoah and God have their showdown. Bloody rivers, frogs, boils, death. Red Sea Crossing. They are walking and thirsty. He makes bitter waters pure. Now they are hungry and so God promises bread from Heaven. He says to Moses that He will allow this bread to come down and that they are to gather 2 quarts each day for six days during the week. No more no less. Then He says something that I know I have read before but I’ve just never seen it in the Light. He says I will do this to test them to see if they can follow instructions. Wow!

Not to see if they loved him, not to see if they trusted him, not to see how devoted they were to him. Simply to see if they could follow instructions.

Now here’s where the Light flipped for me. I am homeschooling Harley this year for Kindergarten (pray for me 😬🤣). We have our language workbook that is teaching him letter formation, sounds, difference in sizes and placement of objects, all sorts of things. But once in a while, every 10 lessons or so they will have a worksheet that goes something like this:

”We are doing a listening exercise. And today I’m going to give you a set of instructions that you have to follow. I’m only going to read the sentence to you one time. You then proceed to read something like this:

Circle the dog inside the dog house.

Put your finger on the biggest circle.

Circle the blue triangle with the red crayon.”

The point of the exercise is to teach them to listen and subsequently follow the instructions.

When I think about what God said to the Israelites in relation to what I’ve been teaching Harley it is so clear. This is not just applicable to our Salvation but really in a more dynamic and profound way in how we are able to impact the Kingdom for His sake. If we cannot follow instructions we can‘t be effective for Him.

Why do you think it is so hard for us to sit down and have our quiet time? Have you ever really contemplated that? We know we need it but why is it so difficult to make it happen?

I’d like to propose that it may be in part because the enemy knows that when we have our quiet time God will give us some “listening exercises“. He will tell us something, perhaps something to do or say or something He wants us to work on, then it’s our job to follow the instructions. Have we listened correctly to what He said and then are we able then to do what He said?

It‘s so obvious when you see it this way isn’t it? If the enemy can keep us from our quiet time He keeps us from our work for the day, our listening exercise. If he can keep us from the listening exercise, he can keep us from following the instructions. After all, you can’t follow instructions you didn’t hear. That’s why your mind wanders during prayer, that’s why you always get interrupted when you’re trying to have your quiet time. It’s no wonder. He has to cut us off before we get started.

Does this infuriate you like it infuriates me? He’s so clever and so subtle and so ANNOYING! I had to literally scream out in my car one day when I was alone “SHUT UP SATAN!!“. Do you know what he did? He shut up. Do you know why? Because Jesus gave me both power AND authority over him and that means he HAS to do what I say because my words carry the weight of my Father.

I want to encourage you Don’t let the enemy steal your quiet time. Don’t let him steal your listening exercise. Don’t let him steal your opportunity to follow God’s instructions. Why? Because the instructions God gives you are life and breath. They have the power to change someone’s life for eternity. They have the power to heal and restore and do miraculous things...but only if you listen and follow the instructions.

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