A few of my favorite things, whether it be websites or a Bible Study or Messages.  Check them out!



Bible Studies


I’m currently working my way through Beth Moore’s unique study, The Quest.  This study is unlike any other she’s done as it is not topic or biblical person specific, rather it’s a true personal journey toward getting to know God more intimately.  It’s all about you and God!  The first session really blew my mind and the 5 recalibrating questions changed the way I think.  I highly recommend it!


I absolutely loved the Beth Moore Esther Bible Study.  It’s full of so much history, which I love, as well as great biblical truths we can apply to our own lives.  The recipe for Haman’s Ears in the back of the book is especially yummy!





One of my favorite Pastors to listen to is Robert Morris of Gateway Church.  I’ve never heard a pastor who can truly teach the way he does.  He makes everything so easy to understand, to the point that you listen to one of his messages and think “Duh!  How did I not think about that!”.  God used one of his sermons to break the strong hold I had in my mind about the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues.  It’s called “The Pure Language”.  So great!


Steven Furtick, pastor of Elevation Church, is a dynamic preacher that doesn’t beat around the bush. I have especially loved the Waymaker series and one of my all time favorite messages was “It Had to Happen”.  Check it out!