King Wedding

King Wedding

I had the absolute privilege of working with the most beautiful bride, both inside and out, on Saturday.  I’ve known Donna Beauvais for many years as well as her fiance`, Zane.  There have been many ups and downs in Donna’s life but her wedding day was by far a highlight!

That morning I woke up and it was storming.  I was so upset because I just wanted everything to be perfect for her special day.  The ceremony took place at the Scarritt-Bennett Skinner Chapel.  It was very intimate, seating only 20 people.  By the time we arrived at the chapel the sun was beaming down on us and not a cloud was in sight.  It was THE most beautiful day!  In 45 minutes we transformed that little bitty chapel into a truly magical and romantic setting.

Donna is a songwriter and co-wrote, with Rachel Morgan Perry, a precious love song called “Paper Airplane”.  Of course, we HAD to include that in our theme!

At the ceremony Rachel played the song as they were exiting, I created a paper airplane poster that everyone signed instead of a traditional guest book, that way they could hang it as a piece of art in their home and as the bride and groom were headed to their “getaway” car we had everyone throw paper airplanes at them.  The pictures of that are SO cool!

The reception, held at Raz’z in Smyrna, carried on with the theme of airplanes.  Each person had their own personalized paper airplane which served as their place card, even the cake, by Sweet Layers Desserts, had clouds and a paper airplane that looked like it was flying over it.  I was even able to score some amazing stuff from a friend of ours who is a flight attendant with Southwest Airlines.  He brought me wing pins, which were placed at everyone’s place setting, cocktail napkins that say Southwest all over them and even the plastic cups that they use during beverage service which we used for the toasts!  It was so awesome!

I must say a huge thank you to a few people.  My husband, JD, for helping set up and tear down as well as encouraging me in all I do.  Todd Stewart, who is a mutual friend of ours and works with Compassion International, was a tremendous help to me.  He served as my assistant both on Friday as we set up for the reception and then on Saturday.  He absolutely helped to make everything come together.  Kim Lancaster, photographer extraordinaire!!!  Kim’s sister, Melissa Lancaster, the amazing videographer, whose work you see below and the incomparable Raz’z in Smyrna!  Raz, the owner of Raz’z, was so helpful.  His staff was to die for and the food was unreal!  Thank you to everyone who made this beautiful day just perfect for Donna and Zane!  Enjoy!






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